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Brief introduction:The 2BEP series liquid ring vacuum pump is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving product developed by the company based on years of practice in the production of liquid ring vacuum pump and combined with the advanced technology of international similar products. It is usually used to extract gases that do not contain solid particles and are insoluble or slightly soluble in the working fluid. It can also be used to suck corrosive gases or use corrosive liquids as working fluids by changing structural materials.

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  • product description
1. High efficiency and energy saving
In the suction area of 160-1013mbar, the flow components of the pump are optimized for hydraulic design, and the efficiency of the pump is 10-20% higher than the traditional design of similar models. With high operation reliability and low noise, the 2BEP liquid ring vacuum pump has lower vane linear speed, more balanced and reliable operation, and lower noise than the general vacuum pump.
2. Strong environmental adaptability
When the flow parts are sprayed with macromolecular anti-corrosion coating, it can meet very harsh anti-corrosion requirements; At the same time, its smooth surface can effectively reduce the sediment of the gray matter and slow down the scaling process.
3. The impeller reinforcement ring is designed with internal displacement to prevent the impurity retention and reduce the influence of water scaling on the pump.
4, 2BEP series liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used with a variety of driving devices, such as belt drive, reducer, direct connection with synchronous motor, etc. In addition, in order to save space, a series operation mode driven by a motor can be adopted.
二、Model Description: 

Sample:2BEP 40 0 2 ―B D 3 C
2BEP --- Liquid ring vacuum pump series code
40 ---- Nominal radius of impeller (cm)
0。Pump body has no partition code. "0" no pump body divider;; '6'with pump body separator.
2 ---- Minimum suction pressure is available 160mbar
B ---- Structural material code " B" is ordinary material;" B1" main flow parts spray polymer materials;" E" grey cast iron/nickel chromium stainless steel;" F" nickel chromium stainless steel.
D ---- Transmission code "D" direct transmission;" V" belt drive, "G" reducer drive.
3 ---- Seal form code: "3" is outer water supply packing seal;" 4" for internal water supply packing seal;" 2" is a single-face mechanical seal;" 5" double end mechanical seal.
C ----  Pump speed code (unit: r/min)

四、Application field: 
Power industry: negative pressure transmission, condenser vacuum
Coal industry: gas drainage, vacuum dehydration
Petrochemical industry: gas pressure, vacuum system
Paper industry: vacuum dehydration
Iron and steel metallurgy: vacuum dewatering
Cigarette industry: cigarette machine negative pressure system, vacuum moisture-proof


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