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Quality Assurance

In 2002, the company obtained the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. In 2005, the product obtained the safety mark certification for mining products, and the physical and chemical testing reached the level requirement of Hubei Province. Now it has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and has established 41 program files and 186 quality records to ensure that the whole process from pump selection, design and manufacture to product delivery and after-sales service is in the process of curing and standard monitoring. The program file is written in a side-by-side template with the words “responsible person, flow chart, process standard, form”, which simplifies complex things, simple things flow, and standardization of process things. “Quality is manufactured, quality is purchased. "Quality concept; a large number of QC's seven methods, PFMEA, key processes CP, 8D and other management tools to improve quality issues and practice "quality is continuously improved" quality concept; product development using APQP (product quality advanced planning) The process practices the quality concept of “Quality is Designed” to prevent and reduce product quality problems. The management's commitment is the premise of quality assurance. The management put forward the quality policy of “scientific management to manufacture high-quality products, meet and exceed customer needs, and excellent service adhere to continuous improvement”, and formulated “to strive to achieve 100% pass rate of the whole machine, customers. Satisfaction rate >90%" quality target. The company conducts internal audit of the quality system every six months, conducts annual system management review every year, and receives multiple second-party and third-party quality system audits every year, all of which are from the system to quality management, contract review, design quality, suppliers. Management, production process control, and customer service are given full attention.


Organization and accurate testing equipment support


The company's quality management department is the quality management department, the quality control department under the jurisdiction of the measurement room, physical and chemical laboratory, performance test station, workshop inspection station; equipped with German imported direct reading spectrum analyzer, computer automatic carbon and sulfur analyzer, visible spectrophotometry Large-scale metallographic microscope, universal material testing machine, impact testing machine, hardness tester, etc., can analyze and test the chemical composition and mechanical properties of various materials, with universal tool microscope, dial gauge tester, dial gauge test Instrument, etc., can be calibrated and calibrated to the measuring equipment. The company has established a domestic advanced pump full performance testing center. Each pump has undergone rigorous testing. All sampling instruments are remotely controlled. The computer collects data and automatically processes the test results. It is accurate, efficient and scientific, and has reached the domestic advanced level. The quality management department system, comprehensive and full-scale effective control of product quality, the functions of each department are as follows:


1. Quality Management Department: Plan, organize, implement, inspect, analyze and improve the entire quality assurance system;


2. Measurement room: calibration, inspection and management of all monitoring and measuring instruments of the company;


3. Physical and chemical laboratory: Perform spectral analysis on the composition of each batch of cast iron (steel) for each furnace to ensure the quality of raw materials;


4. Performance test station: Match the motor operation of each finished pump to check whether the performance indicators meet the standard.


Personnel guarantee


1. Inspector: Personnel with professional knowledge who used to be excellent production employees, carry out the first inspection and patrol inspection for each process and every station every day, perform static balance test on the rotor parts of pump products, and carry out the static balance test on the welded parts. Magnetic particle inspection, final inspection of finished products, and shipment inspection of delivered products to ensure that non-conforming products do not flow into the next process, and non-conforming products do not flow out of the factory;


2, production staff: all operators have a professional qualification certificate, strictly in accordance with the site "four books" (product process instructions, processing drawings, equipment maintenance instructions, finished product inspection instructions) for production; use the first inspection record table, process The quality inspection record sheet and the equipment day inspection table are self-inspected and mutually inspected.


Production equipment guarantee


The company has three sub-factors: hot processing, cold processing and final assembly testing. The thermal processing branch widely uses resin sand, overmold sand, wax mold and gasification mold casting technology. It has an annual output of cast iron parts and ductile iron parts 6000T, 304. 316L, super duplex stainless steel and other alloy materials casting 3000T capacity, equipped with large heat treatment furnace; cold processing plant has 8M/5M/2.5M various types of CNC vertical car, other cars, planing, drilling, milling, grinding machine, Presses, coiling machines, shot blasting equipment, environmentally friendly spray drying equipment, fixtures of about 670 pieces.


Process guarantee


All raw materials, parts and components of the products must be strictly verified for the whole process of incoming inspection, process inspection, semi-finished product testing and final inspection.

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