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Talent Concept

People are the creators of all material and spiritual wealth, and the source of strength for the development and revitalization of enterprises. All management activities of Tonfun always follow the talent concept of "people-oriented and talented". The company regards talents as the first resource and always regards talents as enterprises. The foundation of entrepreneurship, the basis of competition, and the foundation of development; the company actively builds a platform to gather talents, train talents, respect talents, and develop talents.


The company advocates knowledge management for lifelong learning, constantly creating opportunities for employees to achieve professional ideals, and mastering the skills of lifelong employment. Providing professional opportunities for the enterprising, creating a stage for talents to display their talents, building a successful ladder for the pioneers, striving to realize the value of the employees and the company's value, sharing the company's glory, and firmly believe that the success of each employee is the success of the company. .


Adhere to the "unconstrained" concept of employing people, and in accordance with the principle of "I want the secretary to have the opportunity, the officer can have the stage, and do things in a position", break the academic qualifications, professional titles, gender, duties and all human barriers. Let the "users of the mediocrity" create a level playing field, select and hire talents based on their performance and ability, and do their best to make the best use of their talents.

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