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The company has strong casting, processing and assembly capabilities, with more than 500 production equipment. The annual production capacity of cast iron parts can reach 6,000 tons, and the annual production capacity of steel castings can reach 2,500 tons. There are 3 resin sand production lines, which can produce various metal castings for pumps including ultra-low carbon and stainless steel. The largest piece weight of cast iron parts has reached 48 tons, the weight of single piece of ductile iron is 25 tons, and the weight of single piece of steel casting is 5 tons.

Machining equipment has horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, vertical lathes, floor boring and milling machines, grinding machines, CNC gantry milling machines and other large-scale equipment more than 200 sets, can be rotated within 6.3 meters of various parts and processing within 5 meters The long axis can be machined to deep holes of length less than 5 meters, and the rotor (impeller) can be tested for dynamic and static balance.

The processing of the pump cover is accurately positioned by the digital display double-column vertical car and the precision floor boring machine to ensure the machining size and shape tolerance, thus ensuring the coaxiality requirement after the pump is assembled, and ensuring that the bearing running temperature rise is less than 20 degrees, Life expectancy is increased by 3 times.

 On the basis of the original casting process, the impeller is improved to the steel plate blade welding manufacturing to ensure that the impeller never breaks. The mold and tooling of the impeller and distribution plate are processed by CNC copy milling machine to ensure that the profile and dimensional tolerances are in full compliance with the design drawings. The profile and size of the equipment are directly related to the pump efficiency.

The over-current parts of the pump can be treated with anti-corrosion treatment such as rubber lining and spraying, or stainless steel material to adapt to wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant working conditions.

In the welding workshop, there are universal coiling machine, automatic pipe bending machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, CNC flame plasma cutting machine, vibration failure equipment, etc., which are essential for the welding of the impeller, the rolling welding of the pump body and the cutting of the distribution plate. It is different from the manual welding cutting, which guarantees the size and shape of the parts, and also ensures the efficiency of the pump.

Heat treatment has various heating furnaces, salt furnaces, quenching tanks and other equipment. The automatic temperature monitor can accurately record the temperature and time of heat treatment, and ensure various heat treatment requirements of parts.

In the product assembly line, each pump is strictly assembled and adjusted by skilled workers according to different working conditions. The assembly shop has the only special equipment needed in the pump industry in China except for the general equipment required for assembling and debugging pumps. 4 sets of vertical inclined flow pump and other vertical pumps can be assembled and debugged for large vertical pumps with a length of 20 meters (16 meters below the installation base), which effectively ensures on-site installation. Progress and quality.

“6S” management is implemented at the production site, and tools such as value stream analysis, rapid line change, balanced production, and TPM are widely used to implement lean production management.

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