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After-sales service

  • Equipment maintenance and overhaul

    Experienced and specially trained maintenance personnel can handle all types of pumps. We understand all fit sizes and clearance adjustment of liquid ring pumps and compressors, as well as the assembly technical parameters of each TONFUN liquid ring pump/compressor. Professional services plus optimum repair are the basis for ensuring smooth economic operation of your production system.
  • Component overhaul

    Check the parts of each disassembled pump or fan, check the accuracy of size and damage condition and then determine the most suitable maintenance plan.
  • Clean up the descaling

    Deposit or scaling on parts can cause considerable performance degradation. We will give proper cleaning during maintenance. According to the specific characteristics of sediments, chemical or physical methods will be used specifically, such as shot peening, high-pressure cleaning and other methods to remove scaling.
  • Replacement of original parts

    The maintenance center sets up the necessary spare parts inventory according to the installed number and running time of the area. The original spare parts guarantee the performance of the product.
  • Parts repair, welding repair, Mosaic, filling and other...

    According to the client's budget, we will reuse or repair the parts. Advanced processing equipment can ensure the important size of parts to meet the tolerance requirements of drawings. Professional welding technology allows us to the shaft surfacing welding, the pump body, impeller welding repair.
  • Pump body lined with rubber or stainless steel lining

    The customer's production process may be changed to deal with corrosive media, or system changes, change to closed-loop system operation, the presence of particulate matter in the working fluid, and so on. These may be inconsistent with the process conditions proposed in the original model selection. Our expertise in the following aspects of pumps enables us to effectively extend the service life of gray cast iron and improve its service life: lining rubber layer for pump body and pump cover; Lining rubber layer for pump body and pump cover; Or pump body, cone, disk, pump cover lined with stainless steel plate, can protect parts from solid particles erosion or corrosion of corrosion media.
  • Rotor dynamic balance

    Dynamic balance check to ensure the stability of rotor running at high speed.
  • Heat treatment of parts

    Welding stress is eliminated by heat treatment after parts are repaired by welding.
  • Mechanical operation and performance test

    According to the customer's requirements, the maintenance of the vacuum pump/compressor, centrifugal pump in the test bench comprehensive performance test. If all the specified parts are replaced with new parts, we can guarantee that the air intake capacity or air volume of the repaired products can reach more than 90% of the level of the new equipment. If necessary, product testing can also be carried out at the customer's site.
  • Spray paint

    The pump shall be repainted before delivery after repair. When painting, you will be asked for specific requirements, such as color, paint thickness and so on.
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