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Basic profile

Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. founded in 1987, is a brand supplier of comprehensive solutions for vacuum and fluid transportation in China, a state-recognized high-tech enterprise in Hubei province, and a national enterprise that honors contracts and keeps promises. With a history of more than 30 years, the company specializes in the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and water pumps. It is one of the largest integrated manufacturing bases of single-stage, two-stage horizontal disk and cone technology liquid ring vacuum pumps in China and the governing unit of the China Pump Association. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard management system certification, and is a national AAAA standardization good behavior enterprise. The product has been certified by the national coal safety mark. "TONFUN "brand registered trademark is China famous trademark, TONFUN vacuum pump 、compressor and centrifugal pump are Hubei famous brand products. The company won the second mayor quality award of Ezhou city in 2014

We sincerely welcome customers from all over the industry to visit our company for guidance and cooperation for a better tomorrow!

main production

The company's main leading products include 2BE1, 2BE5, 2BEP and 2BEV single-stage plane liquid ring vacuum pumps. CL type single cone liquid ring vacuum pump; TFAT, TFTC double cone liquid ring vacuum pump; 2BW4 and TFVP power vacuum complete sets; 2bw6/2bw7/2bw8 series chemical plant; 2BEY/2BK/TFC high school low pressure liquid ring compressor and complete set of equipment; ZWY mobile gas drainage pump station for mining; XLB type large vertical oblique flow pump, CPP type, LC type vertical long shaft pump; TFGS, S, SAP single - stage double - suction centrifugal pump; D type, DY type, DF type horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump; MD type, MD (P) type horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump for wear resistance (self-balancing type) in mines; TFL and TFW horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps are widely used in power, petrochemical, steel, coal, chemical, paper, mineral processing, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, water engineering and many other industries. Annual output of all kinds of pump products are 3000 sets, production value is nearly RMB200 million.

product development

The engineering technology center of the company realizes product integrated development management (IPD), constantly summarizes various kinds of innovation work, and declares more than 20 national patents. Actively build an industry-university-research platform, cooperate with the college of materials of Huazhong University of science and technology, and jointly build the "Tonfun pump alloy material engineering and technology research center" to research and develop European and American standard alloy materials in the field of industrial pumps. In cooperation with the college of energy and power of Huazhong university of science and technology, the research on flow field of liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor based on CFD was carried out, and the "one kind of corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump" obtained national invention patent. "A large water ring vacuum pump", "complete set of vacuum equipment for extraction of condensers for steam turbine of nuclear power plant with million kilowatts" "A large double cone liquid ring vacuum pump" obtained the national utility model patent. Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. phase ii expansion project "ultra-supercritical thermal power unit steam turbine condensers empty vacuum complete equipment volume production project" has received the state ministry of industry and information technology key industrial revitalization central financial special fund support. Technical innovation is becoming the booster of the rapid development of Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. .

Global cooperation

Warmly welcome you to the official website of Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. !Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD.  is a brand supplier that provides comprehensive solutions for vacuum and fluid transportation. For 30 years, we have been determined to adhere to and innovate in the field of industrial pumps in the era of massive change countenance. In the past 30 years, from the great promise to the beginning of the Chinese chapter, we never forget the original intention, quality brand for the national manufacturing industry to add luster.

"Creating, sharing, and building the future together" is our core value. These words condense the past efforts of TONFUN people, the current struggle and the expectations of the future. "Let the flow create more value" is our mission, through products and services to achieve customer value added, to create wealth for shareholders, and employees to seek prosperity, and to create prosperity for society. TONFUN regards product quality as its lifeline and implements the brand development strategy of "high-quality manufacturing, providing cost-effective products and services". TONFUN constantly analyze users' needs, find customers' pain points, and find a way to constantly solve various pain points and difficulties for customers with today's technology, so as to make work and life better is our path of innovation and sustainable development. Pre-sales is based on the "master spirit", in-depth study of customer needs, in the sale by "the expert spirit", discharges the doubt for the customer seriously, after sale by "the steward spirit" devotes to the customer service. Providing a set of plans, building a project, making a group of friends and expanding a market is our form of value creation for customers.

TONFUN is a platform that creates value for customers, returns for shareholders, prosperity for society and values and ideals for individuals. In the final analysis, this is a win-win platform and a stage for everyone to realize their dreams. 

At present, the land of great China, the city of the people, the whole world, the reform and the development of China is a big and prosperous enterprise. Cast iron shield and sword, solid land and sea, create silk-road, build China's dream. The land of Jingchu, striving to improve its quality, changing the way of development and building strategic fulcrum, supports the backbone of the central region. TONFUN was born in the land of Gehong an alchemist, casting, began the development in the manufacturing, development in the future, and depends on the intellectual creation. We are responsible for the forward road, unswerving, crossing and overtaking, taking responsibility, and acting as the principal; Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

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