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Gathering personages from far and near, creating a more beautiful future!
Committed to be a brand enterprise in China's pump industry and serve the global customers.




1. Integrity - Integrity is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all spiritual ideas. This is true for individuals, especially in a business. Sincere, honest and trustworthy. Be a good person beforehand, whether you are a partner, a customer or an employee, you must treat each other with sincerity. Credibility is a precious asset. To win the trust of others and be responsible for their words and deeds is the belief of Tongfang.

2. Openness - Now that society is an open system, it is in an information age. New things and new ideas are emerging. We need open thinking and actions to inject new impetus into our business, add new vitality, and expand. The new space, coordinating international and domestic markets, two resources, and two types of rules focus on digesting and absorbing advanced technological innovations, advanced management experience, and high-quality talents.

3. Professional - handle all aspects of work with professional knowledge, professional skills and professionalism. We respect the profession, that is, respecting talent and respecting science. We say that professionalism is to become an expert in their respective fields. Whether it is an individual, a product or a company, we must achieve first-class expert level.

4. Innovation - Innovation is reflected in the attitude of welcoming, accepting and encouraging any new things, encouraging innovative behaviors and ideas, and having a certain adventurous spirit and tolerating failure. Technology must be innovative, products must be innovative, and applications must be innovative. Everything must be brave in innovation, and innovation has hope. Everything must pursue innovation and innovation to win competition!

  • Quality concept

    Quality is dignity
    Quality witness growth
  • Business philosophy

    Quality standardization program specialization
    Management process value maximization
  • Talent Concept

  • Marketing concept

    Camp thinking in sales
    Professional planner
  • Quality standardization

    The product is character and the quality is life. Keep improving and create "Chinese craftsmen."
  • Management process

    Firm goal, fine process, responsibility to people, digital speaking
  • Program specialization

    Customize professional system solutions with customers as products to meet customer needs;
  • Maximize value

    Maximize the value of the company, employees and society by creating maximum value for customers and satisfying customers
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