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Service commitment

1 Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO.,LTD has established the headquarters customer service center, customer service support, customer service engineers of each office which is a three-level perfect customer service system, We provide reasonable answers and arrangements for customers' pre-sales and after-sales service requirements and consultation at any time, adhering to the service concept of "on call, quick and enthusiastic", and providing customers with the best quality and satisfactory service. The company's external service is not only responsible for maintenance, but also responsible for technical training for users, technical guidance for system design; at the same time, the company will introduce the latest technology and products to users, so that users understand the latest development trends of the product; And will immediately bring the user's opinion back to the company, to our technical improvement and the development of new products to bring first-hand information.

2 After the buyer obtains the equipment field installation data, if necessary, the seller will designate the professional technical personnel to arrive at the buyer within three days to provide the relevant data and drawings to the buyer. Answer the questions raised by the buyer. The buyer's personnel are invited to participate in the factory supervision and test of the supplied equipment to ensure that the supplied equipment meets the requirements of the buyer.

3 After the equipment arrives at the site, the seller shall appoint the professional technicians to instruct the installation and commissioning on the site within 24hours after receiving the notice of the buyer, and complete it within the specified time, and take full charge of all the problems.

4 Our company is equipped with an administrative (after-sale service) in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, etc., and can be more timely, convenient and efficient for your service while reducing running costs and selling expenses. We can guarantee that in case of any quality problem of the supplied equipment, we will give a reply within 4 hours after receiving the buyer's notice, and arrive at the site and carry out the work within 24 hours until the customer is satisfied. During the warranty period, the seller shall be responsible for the repair, replacement and return of the equipment and all losses shall be borne by the seller. In addition to the warranty period, the seller shall also work in accordance with the 4-24 hour mechanism, and economic losses shall be negotiated by both parties. Our company equipment is lifetime maintenance. 

5 The accumulative amount of equipment put into use shall not be less than 8000 hours, and the warranty period shall be 1 year

6 The seller shall make a written return visit to the equipment whose normal operation has been up to three months, and a site return visit to the equipment whose normal operation has been up to twelve months, and listen to the buyer's opinions and answer questions.

7 The seller undertakes to provide the buyer with spare parts and parts for repair or replacement for a period of not less than ten (10) years from the date of delivery of the goods at a cost not exceeding the minimum price at which the seller sells the goods to a third party.

8 Because of the damage of the equipment caused by the buyer's liability, the seller has an obligation to provide the accessories and maintenance in the first place, and the purchase of the equipment, which is related to the equipment of the contract, the seller has the obligation to provide technical cooperation, which is not to be charged for any of that.

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