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R & D Capabilities

For a long time, the company has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation and strive to create a first-class national brand. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, with an enterprise technology research and development center, and has 26 professional and technical personnel (including 5 senior titles and 10 intermediate titles). The company extensively adopts ProE, CAD and CFD computer technology for product design and technology research and development, establishes a structured technology research and development process, and implements a product development project management system. The technical department establishes internal control technology standards from product design, manufacturing, inspection and test methods, and guides procurement, production, quality control, and sales. Professional design and technical support for different users, providing users with a complete solution from single pump to complete system. At present, the flat disc series and cone series liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor of the two major technical factions in the world are in Design and manufacture.


The company actively builds an industry-university-research platform, cooperates with the Materials College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and jointly builds the “Tongfang Pump Industry Alloy Materials Engineering Technology Research Center” to research and develop alloy materials in the industrial pump field; cooperates with Huazhong University of Science and Technology Energy and Power Institute to develop CFD-based The research on the flow field of liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor, and the research on the application of vacuum system of power plant condenser with Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute have achieved fruitful results. As the first drafting unit of the local industry standard, acceptance specification and experimental method of Hubei Province "Water Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressor Engineering Technical Specification". The 2BE1 series is a technical product imported from Siemens Germany. It is a single-acting single-action water ring vacuum pump. The ultimate vacuum can reach 33 mbar and the maximum gas volume can reach 72000 cubic meters per hour. It is used for gas drainage, vacuum dehydration, vacuum filtration, ash removal. , drying, evaporation, resurgence, impregnation, feeding and high-altitude simulation. 2BE1 type mainframe 2BW4 series power complete sets are widely used in domestic 300MW, 600MW, 1000MW thermal power unit condenser vacuum system, and can also be used in nuclear power units.



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