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Brief introduction:The 2BW5 vacuum unit is the basis of my firm's years of research and production experience, integrating international technology with advanced technology, research and development of efficient energy-saving products; it can be used to smoke and corrode the gas or to work with corrosive liquid and by changing materials.

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  • product description
1. Safe operation, compact structure, high automation and remarkable energy saving effect.
2. Complete equipment of the unit to meet different requirements.
The working fluid can be closed with heat exchanger. In addition to using water as working fluid, it can also use special liquid such as glycol, diesel oil and DOP as working fluid. The gas-liquid mixture discharged from the vacuum pump can be separated effectively by a gas-liquid separation tank. After the liquid is cooled by the heat exchanger, it returns back to the vacuum pump through the self-suction of the pump as the circulation supplement of the working liquid which reduces the sealed liquid temperature in the pump and effectively relieves the noise and cavitations of the pump. The gas is discharged to the designated place through the exhaust port of the separation tank. It is especially suitable for sucking inflammable, explosive and poisonous gas.
3. There are various options for liquid level control to meet different needs.
Manual level control: when the unit is working, the discharged gas will take away a small amount of liquid steam, causing the level to drop. The working fluid can be added to the unit by manually adjusting the valve.
Electric type liquid level control: install the solenoid valve of replenishing and discharging liquid on the gas-liquid separator. When the unit level exceeds the lower limit, the solenoid valve of replenishing liquid will open automatically and replenish liquid to the unit.
When the working fluid exceeds the upper limit of the liquid level, the drain solenoid valve opens automatically, discharging excess liquid. The relevant signals can be connected to DCS according to the requirements of users.
Mechanical automatic level control: a mechanical level controller is installed on the gas-liquid separator to control the level through replenishment or discharge.
二、Model Description: 

2BW5 253-0FD4B

2BW5: unit series code name


253-0FD4B: vacuum pump code (see vacuum pump sample catalog for details)

四、Application field: 
Petrochemical industry: vacuum process
Oil production industry: water and deoxygenating
Food industry: vacuum conveying, vacuum drying
Special occasions: toxic, flammable, explosive and water - deficient


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